Carpet Tile.


Having very good surface resistance, easy maintenance and appropriate to modulation, carpet tile is an ideal application for spaces having intensive traffic. It has less tare when compared to roller carpet for larger spaces. It also enables accessibility to lower grounds in applications onto raised floor system.

It provides flexibility and easiness for end users with 25 different series of boucle or flat yarn, bitumen or PVC floor, 200 different colors, resistance to fixed and moving loads and 10-year warranty. It has durability against sun light and meets B1 flame proof standards, is anti-bacterial, anti-static and stain proof all of which expand field of use. It is easy to clean and replace and renew damaged carpet tiles when required and therefore, it is a preferred application.

The customers wishing to create spaces independent of each others and requiring flexible design can apply ground logo and emblem applications reflecting the corporation identity.

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