PVC Flooring.


The dimensional stability of homogenous and heterogeneous PVC flooring are very diffrent. Heterogeneous floorings are built on dimensionally stable glassfibre, nonwoven , fabrics that offer stability to the products. This means that the flooring stays flat and straiht even in tough conditions. The stability of the glassfibre layer is sufficient to resist the tension in installation work and handling.

To have reasonable dimensional stability, homogencous flooring must contain filler material, in most cases calcium corbonate like chalk or limestone powder. The main reason for using inorganic filler materials in homogenous flooring is to reduce thr unit cost.

The construction of helerogeneous flooring allows optimum properties to be built into each layer. Since the glass fibre provides the necessary stability, other layers can be composed to give best function in other respects. Wearlayers con be designed for clarity, wear resistance and stain resistance. Printed layers enables the manufacturing of patterns and colours that are impossible for homogenous products.

PLANART is able to deliver PVC Floorings immediately its stocks with the wide application range as stated below:


  • Offices

  • IT and Elektronics Centers

  • School and Education

  • Hospital and Health Centers

  • Shopping Malls

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Factory and Process Areas

and the others…

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